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Front dog illustrating the article on kidney health in dogs. Dogs need to clean their blood of the waste produced by their metabolism, just like us. Among all these wastes, some are water-soluble, in which case, the organs in charge of cleaning them are the kidneys.


However, the kidneys do not always function properly, so the dog can develop kidney failure, which can be acute or chronic.

Although this disease has a greater presence in older dogs, young people can also suffer from it, since a bacterial infection, acute dehydration or the ingestion of a toxic product (such as an antifreeze) can cause kidney failure.


How can I know that my dog ​​has kidney disease?


The signs of a dog kidney failure may differ if it is acute or chronic. In the case of acute renal failure, the dog shows vomiting, accused lethargy and total loss of appetite. A typical sign of chronic kidney disease is that the dog drinks much more than usual, but unfortunately, when we detect that something is not right, the usual is that it is already well advanced. Since chronic kidney disease is more common in older dogs, we recommend that you do a complete annual checkup of your dog as he gets older. Remember that this varies according to the size of each dog.


so it is considered that a small dog enters its senior stage from 12 years, when it exceeds 10 years if its size is medium and from 8 years of age in large dogs. What should I do if my dog ​​has kidney disease? The most important thing is to correctly diagnose the kidney problem that affects your dog, and there is only one person qualified for it, the veterinarian, who will also be the only one capable of determining the most convenient treatment. Due to the nature of chronic canine kidney disease, it is more than likely to recommend a renal diet for dogs, since all are specially formulated.


This is the case of Royal Canin Renal Diets . But, eye, another reason why you should not give it to your dog without consulting a veterinarian is because they may be contraindicated if you suffer from other diseases. What is special about food for kidney disease in dogs? It helps to slow the progression of the disease due to its low phosphorus content. It favors renal function due to its content of antioxidants and omega 3 EPA and DHA.


It decreases the risk of uraemic crisis and renal proteinuria due to its limited protein content, although these are of the highest quality and cover the animal's protein needs. It has the alkalizing ability, in order to combat the metabolic acidosis that can cause kidney disease. Why are there so many foods for dog kidney disease? They improve the appetite. Chronic kidney disease produces a lack of appetite, so special foods for her have an aromatic profile capable of responding to the preference of each dog.


Different textures There are dry and moist foods, which provides variety and improves palatability without giving up an adapted formula. They can be combined with each other. Since dry and moist foods for kidney failure can be combined with each other, the result is that you have up to 11 possible combinations to handle the loss of appetite of a dog with this disease. In addition, this mixed diet provides more water to the metabolism, which is also beneficial for your health. Privacy cookies Legal notices Contact Ad options